DuoThermia for chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) in males is the simultaneous hyperthermia treatment of the prostate and bladder administered by a heated balloon in the prostatic urethra and free circulation of a heated saline in the bladder.

This simultaneous heating differs from currently emerging thermal-treatments for CP/CPPS that thermally treat the prostate only. 

DuoThermia is based on conductive-heat which is better controlled than other forms of energy.


Some additional advantages of DuoThermia over the currently emerging thermal-treatments:

  • More non-ablative thermal-treatment to the pelvic organs due to the two sub-ablative heat sources (a single heat source to match the heat amount of DuoThermia would have to be ablative).
  • All pelvic locations where CP/CPPS symptoms prevalent: prostate, bladder and pelvic floor are thermally treated.

DuoThermia which thermally treats the prostate with a hot balloon in the prostatic urethra (like in WIT – see Prostatitis), and the bladder (and pelvic floor), has the promise to show better results than those achieved in the WIT study (and better than those achieved in TUMT – see Prostatitis).

Clinical experience with CP/CPPS patients treated with DuoThermia (45 minutes procedure, 44.5°C in the prostatic urethra and in the bladder), showed very good symptoms relief with excellent patients' tolerance during and after procedures with no burn and no need for post-op catheter.