Elmedical offers thermal treatments solutions to unmet needs in urology. The Company's goal is to become a recognized world leader in the field. 

We will achieve this goal by implementing the following:

·       We will provide proven, safe, reliable and efficacious systems and products that will gain the confidence of physicians and patients.

·       We will manufacture our systems and products on the basis of modern, sound and proven designs, using safe and proven materials, compliant with manufacturing and testing processes, specifications and regulatory requirements.

·        We will provide our customers with timely and effective support and will continuously improve our products and services on the basis of field information and user feedback.

Our top management is committed that our Quality Management System will: 

·        Achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the Company's reputation with physicians and patients.

·        Comply with relevant statutory and safety requirements and maintain its effectiveness.

·        Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.


  • CE Certificate
  • ISO 13485: 2016