Uzi Eshel: CEO and Co-founder
Experienced executive and inventor. 39 years experience in developing innovative medical devices from market needs through innovation, patents, R&D and regulatory approvals to viable sold products.

Jacob Lazarovitz: President and Co-founder
Experienced executive with 39 years experience in the medical devices field including R&D, QA/QC, operations, supply chain and sub-contractors.

Johan Segers: International Marketing
Professional with comprehensive background in urology, gynecology and gastroenterology. 36 years experience in medical devices in Pfizer, J&J, AMS and Boston Scientific where he served as the Marketing Manager Urology Europe.

Dr. Susan Alpert: Regulatory Consultant 
Former Senior VP and Chief Regulatory Officer in Medtronic and Bard. Prior to that, was the Director of FDA’s Office of Device Evaluation.