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BWT (Bladder Wall Thermo-chemotherapy) for Bladder cancer:



BWT treats non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC).

Bladder wall thermo-chemotherapy (BWT) provides chemotherapy instillation at a uniform and precise 44oC - 44.5oC over the entire bladder lumen. 


BWT (Bladder cancer)  for NMIBC performed in two protocols:



a 50 minutes procedure with uniform 44.5oC on bladder wall, in which 40mg Mitomycin-C dissolved in 50ml distilled water. 

6 weekly induction procedures followed by 6 monthly maintenance procedures.


a 50 minutes procedure with uniform 44.5oC on bladder wall,  in which 80mg Mitomycin-C dissolved in 50ml distilled water.

6 weekly induction procedures followed by 10 monthly maintenance procedures. 


The Company anticipates that in the future, BWT will become a first line treatment in NMIBC and replace the   conventional stand-alone immunotherapy and chemotherapy bladder instillations. 


BWT inherent features: 


The better controlled conductive heat leads to better drug stability.


The high rate circulation in the bladder continuously brings "fresh" heated drug in contact with all bladder wall.


Uniform and precise bladder wall temperature maintained all over the bladder while there are:

- No "hot spots" (burns in posterior bladder wall), and

- No "cold spots" (ineffective low heating near the bladder dome or trigone).


The uniform and precise temperature enables increase of the targeted temperature to 440C without adverse events.


The absence of burns leads to increased patient tolerability to the treatment.


Non-traumatic insertion of the 18Fr flexible catheter which has no rigid parts.

Due to those inherent features, BWT by UniThermia in NMIBC expected to achieve, at least, the same  efficacy as in microwave while excellent patients' tolerance and less adverse events already shown.


After about 10,000 procedures performed, neither burns nor urethral strictures occurred.

 Elmedical pursues to enhance the immediate post-TURBT single chemotherapy instillation (recommended in  the EAU and AUA Guidelines) with BWT. The Company already performed successfully such post-TURBT  immediate procedures in: Germany, Italy, Croatia, Czech & Slovakia Republics, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Colombia and Israel.


Direct cost saving

BWT saves the cost of 5 TURBT operations and the multiple instillations following the operations. Actual saving would vary by country based on costs of the avoided procedures, and will normally account to good several thousand Euros.


Additional benefits

Indirect savings include releasing hospital and caregivers’ capacity and saving patients and relatives working days. In addition, by extending the DFI by average 6 times, there is great contribution to patients’ quality of life by saving them operations and the anxiety related to the recurrence of a cancer disease. 


Value proposition:

Replacing the post TURBT stand-alone instillations with Elmedical BWT will result in large saving to healthcare system and patients, and significantly improve patients’ quality of life by extending their disease free intervals by about 6 times.

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