Office-based thermal-treatments for unmet urological diseases in women and men (Bladder  cancer Prostatitis)

Hot solutions for Bladder cancer & Prostatitis


       Elmedical delivers an office-based system (Console and Catheters) for 

       minimally invasive non-ablative high temperature treatments (hyperthermia) 
       for unmet urological diseases: Bladder cancer and Prostatitis




BWT (UniThermia) for Bladder cancer:

Bladder Wall Thermochemotherapy (BWT) treats non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) by combining uniform  bladder wall hyperthermia with chemotherapy instillation.


DuoThermia for Prostatitis:
Treats chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) by simultaneous hyperthermia to the prostate and bladder.




    These diseases need better solutions than the current treatments.

    In future, the same console will also address the unmet 
    Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS/IC). 

    The system approved for sale in the European market (CE) 
    and already sold in: Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Austria,

    Czech & Slovakia Republics, Switzerland and Israel.


    About 8,500 procedures of BWT and DuoThermia 
    preformed successfully with best patients' tolerance during 
    and after procedures.











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